Team Building in Thailand with Making Teams

Making Teams was established to provide a dedicated and professional service to international clients seeking high quality team building and corporate training in Thailand.

We pride ourselves on having enhanced the performance of our clients teamwork and group dynamics by improving individuals group interactions and have received recognition for our achievements through a loyal and returning client base.

Our international facilitators cater for a variety of backgrounds, bringing a range of talents and skills to the team building process, unified by the common aim of visible client benefit.

Making Teams guarantees a discreet and confident service.

Feel free to contact us via telephone or e-mail with any questions regarding team building in Thailand with Making Teams and the services that we can offer your company.


To show all people, in companies of all sizes, that examining and sometimes changing the way that individuals within the business operate and interact will lead to more efficient practices, better relationships and improved corporate results.

Consequently, by examining the current team dynamics and applying powerful concepts of teamwork, we intend to improve the overall functioning of the team.


To be innovative and creative when designing corporate training and team building activities

To focus on types of group events that team members can gain immediate and powerful benefit from

To be responsible for bringing life changing new ideas and groundbreaking concepts to others in an exciting unique environment

To provide outstanding value for money and return on investment for our business partners

To delight and surprise clients as well as gaining their trust and respect for professionalism

To continue to learn and develop ourselves on a business level by applying the ideas, skills and methods we teach to others to our own company

To genuinely enhance and improve everybody’s ability to work and cooperate together to achieve common aims

Making Teams code of practice

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