Team Building in Thailand with Making Teams

Making Teams draws on vast resources of proven team building activities to create specific, relevant and rewarding program - a vital component of dynamic corporate holidays. Making Teams makes full use of Koh Samui and its resources for your team building program.

Choose from Indoor Team Building Activities, Outdoor Team Building Activities, and Adventure Team Building Activities - that take place around the island.


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Sample Team Building Events and Activities


Package 1: Learning with Fun
Program Full day in the conference room and around the hotel grounds or on the beach.
Description A fast paced combination of fun active games designed to teach the approaches of high performance teams, while keeping the atmosphere relaxed and casual.
Game Types A mixture of physical and mental challenges.
Suggestions Indoor basketball, Indoor volleyball, Zip Zap Zoom, Frenzy, Warp speed, Moonball, Keypunch, Group juggle, Guide dog, Running waiter, Balloon keep up.
For Anyone who wants to have fun away from work.
Sample price for 25 people:
(inclusive of 2 western trainers)


40,000 Baht
1,600 Baht / person

Package 2: Team Building Concepts
Program Full day in the conference room with optional activities outside.
Description A more academic approach to building teams and personal development. The aim here is to look deeper into the psychology of teams and team members through a series of thought provoking and enjoyable activities. Time is split approximately in half between experience and discussion.
Game Types Creative thinking and mental challenges with some physical components.
Suggestions Minefield, Don't touch me, Inventory, Colour shuffle, Keypunch, Blindfold polygon, Toxic waste, Win Win negotiation, Werewolf, Trading games.
For Corporate delegates who want an exciting study of team concepts.
Sample price for 50 people:
(inclusive of 4 western trainers)


70,000 Baht
1,400 Baht per person

Package 3: Outdoor adventure Treasure Hunt
Program Half day around the island, treasure hunt with pre- and de-briefing.
Description The delegates will be divided into 3 teams of 10 people. Each team will be provided with maps of the island, and a series of clues and instructions. There will ten of Samui's famous ( or infamous ) landmarks and curious places to find, at each one another clue will be found to help with finding the next location, and a piece of the final riddle.
Game Types Fun activity, cooperation and planning skills
Suggestions Four Wheel Drive Treasure Hunt Around Island Race
For Groups of friends or colleague who want to know Koh Samui.
Sample price for 30 people:
(incl. two western trainers)


60,000 Baht
2,000 Baht per person

Package 4: Outdoor adventure Island Survival
Program Two days one night adventure on a nearby island. The emphasis is on active, physical challenges and adventure.
Description This is our biggest and most challenging event, involving surviving alone as a team on a tropical island with a minimum of equipment. Teams are taken to a remote island in the vicinity of Samui. Only accessible by boat, once there, delegates will be given material for shelter, food and water. The time spent on the island will be split between the essential tasks necessary for survival, building camp, catching food and cooking, and team challenges.
Game Types Physical activities with leadership, cooperation and planning skills
Suggestions Survival challenge, Raft building, Fishing, Cooking, Tent building, Orienteering
For Young and adventure oriented business people who are looking for new challenges.
Sample price for 50 people
(incl. four western trainers)


155,000 Baht
3,100 Baht / person

Sample prices are a guideline and aren't binding without a tailor made proposal from Prices depend on number of people, Sample prices are subject to change without prior notice and exclude 7% VAT.