Trust Based Team Building Activities

Balloon Balance

This game is designed to show that something that seems impossible or very hard can be done, and to introduce the concept of supporting people in the team. The task is to support of their team mates using only balloons. This person must only rest on balloons and not the floor or another person. The challenge is to use the fewest number of balloons possible.


Change Wave

Change Wave is a challenging activity that encourages inter-team cooperation and successful team change.

Delegates are presented with a logistic problem. All the team begins the game in one location as a group with a simple piece of equipment reflecting their current team state. The goal is to transform the location into a winning state without loosing team members.


Human Knots and Webs

Human Knots and Webs: an ideal game to encourage trust, cooperation and planning.

In human knots, teams have to form a chain and then tie a knot in it. A variation called human webs involves the reverse, undoing a complicated knot without letting go of your team members.