Laos - World Class Team Building Destination

Life in Laos meanders along the Mekong River, and flows slowly by the beautiful hillsides, historic temples and saffron robed monks of sleepy Luang Prabang.

If an incentive is a motivational tool, few countries can match Laos in its ability to simultaneously reward, inspire, educate and relax top corporate performers.

It is the highly sophisticated service infrastructure that makes Laos such a popular world-class holiday destination. It provides a firm foundation for the sustainable growth of Laos's incentive industry.

Laos's excellent weather conditions, tropical rain forest, sparkling blue sea, culture and heritage, unique and highly affordable spas and herbal treatments, cuisine and cooking schools, golf courses, and a vast range of accommodation make it the perfect event and team building destination.

Laos' isolation from foreign influence offers travelers an unparalleled glimpse of traditional Southeast Asian life. From the fertile lowlands of the Mekong River valley to the rugged Annamite highlands, Laos is the highlight of Southeast Asia.

Team Building in Vientiane Laos


The most relaxed capital city on earth and seat of government sits on a bend in the Mekong River amid fertile alluvial plains. Despite its chequered past, Laos' capital city Vientiane (pronounced 'Wieng Chan' by the locals) is a laid-back city with a number of interesting wats (Buddhist monasteries) and lively markets.

Team Building in Luang Prabang Laos

Luang Prabang

Awakened from a long slumber brought on by decades of war and revolution, Luang Prabang, made a Unesco World Heritage city for both its beautiful buildings and the serenity of its natural surrounds, has become Lao PDR's foremost tourist showpiece and the city's mix of gleaming temple roofs, crumbling French provincial architecture and multi-ethnic inhabitants tends to enthral even the most jaded travellers.

Team Building in Phongsali Laos


Enclosed on three sides by China and Vietnam, Phongsali is a visual feast, kept pristine by arduous journeys and unwieldy terrain. The road north from Udomxai ribbons around infinite hills; their lush counterparts cascading into the distance beyond the line of sight In parts the forest is so congested that vines and trees clamor on top of each other in competitive and glorious mayhem.

Team Building in Pakse Laos


Founded by the French in 1905 as an administrative outpost, Pakse sits at the confluence of the Mekong River and the Se Don (Don River) and is the capital of Champasak Province. The town has grown quickly since the Lao-Japanese Bridge across the Mekong was opened in 2002, facilitating brisk trade with Thailand.

Team Building in Luang Namtha Laos

Luang Namtha

The province of Luang Namtha is one of the centres for Laos' eco-tourism industry. The towns of Muang Sing and Luang Namtha are perhaps the best known, both popular for trekking and mountain biking. They are very popular places to visit and overall, deservedly so. If some of the work in these charming provincial towns could be replicated across the country, Laos would be setting itself some very firm foundations in the sustainable tourism department.