Team Building in Phongsali Laos

Phongsali as your team building and MICE destination

MICE Team building in Phongsali Laos

Phongsali is one of the most fascinating and remote towns in Laos, which was strongly influenced by China and enclosed three sides by China and Vietnam and cut off to overland travel from Oudom Xai to the south. The two main ethnic groups are Phou Noy in traditional white leggings and Chinese Ho, ancestors of the old Yunnan traders, who wear baggy trousers.

Between China and Laos the territory of north-western Phongsaly and southern Yunnan once was the independent Tai Lue kingdom of Sipsongpanna. In 1895 the French colonialists drew new boundaries along the watersheds of the Nam Ou River, claiming Sipsongpanna’s eastern part to Phongsaly and incorporating it into French Indochina. Its bigger part went into Yunnan province (China). But the province as we know it today was only formed in 1916 when the French colonial powers join lands that had until then been subject to different administrations.

Getting There

Phongsali can be reached by road and river. From Oudom Xai it is possible to travel by road as far as Muang Khua in southern Phongsali then continue from Muangkhua by boat. From Luang Nam Tha it is possible to travel by road via Muangla (Yunnan province, China). From Luang Prabang it is possible through the Nam Ou River straight north into the heart of Phongsali. Another way, you can travel by Lao Aviation, which provides two flights per week.

Phongsali Weather

Phongsali has a year round cool climate with temperatures as low as 5 degrees Celsius at night. Rain can be heavy - bring a jacket and warm clothes.

What to do?

Wandering the streets during the day, the predominant sounds are of birds and rushing water. As dusk falls, the sounds of playing children mix with farmyard noises, reinforcing the rural feel of the place. Trekking trips allow you to explore the countryside, seeing a special part of the country that is rarely visited. Not many international travelers come to Phongsali due to the journey, either by road from Oudom Xai or by river from Muang Khua is long and hard.