Team Building in Malacca Malaysia

Malacca as your team building and MICE destination

Team Building in Malacca Malaysia

Malacca offers a unique mix of colonial history and local charm different to the city and island locations. It has established itself as a popular MICE destination with its own Convention Center with International hotel brands located here offering corporate facilities.

Combine you incentive trip with a historical Team building theme. Making Teams will take you back to when Malacca was established by the British, the Dutch and the Portuguese as a trading post throughout Asia.

MICE Hotels

A full range of top quality MICE standard accommodation is available in Malacca. International hotel brands have opened here, establishing a firm base for incentive trips.  Choose from modern style to beautiful retreats, all with meeting facilities. This is reflected by our choice of Malacca MICE hotels. For more information, visit our hotel partner page here.

Getting There

Team Building in Malacca Malaysia

Getting to Melaka involves travelling by road or by rail. Both options are available from Kuala Lumpur and Singapore, making this MICE destination very accessible. Treat the journey as part of your incentive trip as you discover the beautiful countryside and surroundings.

Weather in Malacca

The weather in Malacca’s is generally hot and humid throughout the year with some rainfall. The relatively stable nature of Malacca’s weather makes it a fine MICE location all-year-round.

Temperatures generally range between 30°C - 35°C during the day and 27°C - 29°C at night. Rainfall occurs mostly from October to March while May through to July is much drier.

Malacca enjoys plenty of sunlight during the day so it’s usually warm and comfortable to walk around the city which makes here an ideal corporate event destination.

Team Building in Malacca Malaysia

What to do?

Malacca’s attractions center on its colonial past as a trading post, established by the British back in the late 17 hundreds. It was a location for the British East India Company and until this day has flourished as a trading center for tea, spices china and cloth. This can be seen by the Christ church and the buildings around the UNESCO world heritage site, best explored by trishaw or on foot.

Nowadays Malacca offers two fantastic modern shopping malls and amazing Taming Sari Tower, affording fabulous views across the area. A visit to Malacca would not be complete without seeing Jonker Street, home of Chinatown.

Dutch, Portuguese and Peranakan (or Straits Chinese) influence is evident in Malacca's architecture, culture, language and food. This makes Malacca a unique city with charming old world attractions, and a treasure trove of quaint antiques and old relics. Sight-seeing is simply amazing in this historical city.