Team Building in Sarawak Malaysia

Sarawak as your team building and MICE destination

Team Building in Sarawak Malaysia

Sarawak, in Borneo is a MICE destination with a difference combining its natural beauty with the blessings of modern technology and corporate culture with Kuching as its center.

Sarawak has developed into an ideal MICE and team building destination combining modern facilities with its natural surroundings offering a varied range of team building activities, both indoor and outdoor events.

It’s the perfect environment to unleash new ways of thinking to thrive in today’s challenging business environment. Making Teams recommends corporate team building with a nature theme in Sarawak.


MICE Hotels

Kuching is the main destination when it comes to MICE hotels in Sarawak. Accommodation is of good standard and there is a varied choice catering for conferences and meetings.  Sarawak is ideal for themed team building events focusing on nature, adventure and local tribal cultures all which can be arranged by Making Teams from your Sarawak hotel.

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Getting There

Team Building in Sarawak Malaysia

Sarawak’s main international airport is located near to Kuching. Major regional airlines from Malaysia, Singapore offer regular direct flight services from their respective capitals.

In addition, MAS wings provide links throughout the province including Kota Kinabalu in Sabah.  Flights also operate to Kuching from Indonesia and Xiamen in China, opening up Sarawak as an accessible incentive destination.

Weather in Sarawak

Sarawak’s climate is very similar to that of Sabah on the northwestern side of Borneo,, with slightly less rainfall. The weather is the generally the same, only that the seasons change one or two months later.

From June to August is when Sarawak has the least rainfall and then from December to March is when it is has the highest amount of rainfall. Of course these rains contribute to the existence of the area’s natural beauty, making Sarawak an ideal MICE events destination throughout the year.

Team Building in Sarawak Malaysia

What to do?

Blessed with an amazing mix of attractions there’s plenty to see and do in this MICE destination. Time permitting, you could explore one of the numerous national parks, visit a wildlife sanctuary and see the orang utans  or visit the Sarawak cultural village and learn about the indigenous people of the region.

Learning about tribal handicrafts and local food are also popular activities in Sarawak. Many adventure activities which Making Teams can combine into a team building event are also available in the National Parks.

Sarawak offers your group a fascinating array of activities. A visit to an authentic longhouse provides a unique glimpse of the ethnic people, their way of life, rituals and handicraft. They can also marvel at the unique plant and animal life in the many jungle walks available and return to the capital city of Kuching for some shopping.

Bako National Park, Sarawak: Sarawak's oldest national park was established in 1957, covers a modest 27 sq. km., and is about 37km from Kuching. It's known for its extraordinary natural scenery, habitats, plants and wild life.

The Mulu National Park is one of Sarawak's greatest attractions. Mulu's major claim to fame is its spectacular limestone caves. The caves of Mulu command a long list of superlatives including the world's largest cave passage (the Deer Cave).