Team Building at Taman Negara Malaysia

Taman Negara as your team building and MICE destination

MICE Team building in Taman Negara Malaysia

Taman Negara offers the perfect location for combing a MICE incentive trip with a fabulous outdoor team building experience.

Located in pristine National park area, its forests are home to over 200 species of wildlife with an abundance of plants and flowers.  As you would expect Taman Negara has plenty of outdoor activities, which are ideal for bonding your team on your incentive trip.

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Taman Negara flight connections

MICE Team building in Taman Negara Malaysia

Getting to Taman Negara involves travelling by road or by river boat. Both options are available from Kuala Lumpur, making this MICE destination very accessible. Treat the journey as part of your incentive trip as you discover the beautiful countryside and surrounding traveling to one of Malaysia’s best kept secrets.

MICE Hotels

There is a good range of MICE friendly hotels to choose from in the Taman Negara area.  The larger establishments offer corporate standard meeting facilities, complimenting the location of being in a natural rainforest area.

  Choose from modern style to beautiful retreats, most in a resort style setting, with meeting facilities. This is reflected by our choice of Taman Negara MICE hotels. For more information, visit our hotel partner page here.

Weather in Taman Negara

MICE Team building in Taman Negara Malaysia

As you would expect, being a rainforest, the temperatures are going to be lower than being on an in island or in the city and the rainfall is slightly higher.

Taman Negara’s climate is typically tropical with the temperature in the high 20 degrees Celsius throughout the year. Rainfall is expected most days, however from January to September the region normally experiences only short heavy showers. October to December is when Taman Negara receives the heaviest monsoonal rainfall.

What to do?

Being in and around a National Park there’s plenty for you to do during your free time. Choose to explore the park on a jungle safari, visit wildlife the Tahan wildlife observation hide, take a swim at the Lata Berkoh waterfall or visit the Kelah fish sanctuary.

Of course the main attractions are the park adventure activities, choose to go jungle trekking, canopy walking, cave exploring or visit the local settlement at Orang Asli and experience the secrets of the ‘original people’ of Malaya.

Taman Negara (National Park) is the first and the oldest official Protected Area in the country, originally named King George V National Park. Declared in 1938 by the Sultans of Kelantan, Pahang and Terengganu (during King George's Silver Jubilee), it was gazetted to preserve the land's indigenous nature in perpetuity. The park was renamed Taman Negara after the nation gained independence in 1957.

The most popular activities at Taman Negara are river cruises and jungle trekking. The canopy walk is also a must-see, offering a fantastic close up view of activity in the rainforest canopy. Observation hides are another great way to observe wildlife. Simple huts built high above the ground allow guests to stay overnight to catch opportunities to observe animals in their natural habitat. Cave exploration is also available, either by boat or by foot.