Team Building Bangkok Thailand

Bangkok as your team building and MICE destination

One of the world's best team building and MICE destinations

MICE Team building Bangkok Thailand

Iconic river life, intriguing transportation, famous markets and majestic palaces and temples are a fantastic backdrop for endless options for team building events and other activities. It is also rightly famous for its dining experiences like temple markets, roof top restaurants, modern classics, or on a rice barge river trip finishing a magical evening in the capital.

Bangkok is Thailand's modern and exciting capital with more than 200 hotels specializing in meetings, incentives, conferences and events. There is plenty to keep delegates entertained, from ancient temples and world class shopping to exhilarating nightlife.

In the city proper, modern infrastructure such as the sky train and metro make Bangkok a very easy, convenient and affordable place to get around.

Bangkok is rightly valued as one of the 10 most popular destinations around the world to take your meeting or team building activity. We recommend combining your incentive trip with a local transport Amazing Race around the city or improving your planning and communication skills with a buying and negotiation treasure hunt team building game.

Event programs in Bangkok can be as varied as they are exciting and memorable, with endless cultural and CSR options available as well as seminars and indoor activities taking advantage of the excellent conference room facilities MICE hotels have to offer. In addition, wellness and spa trips make a fitting break and a refreshing change after a full day of activities or conference.

MICE Hotels

Bangkok has a huge choice of hotels and other venues for MICE and incentive delegates, in some cases up to 1000 rooms and conference facilities for up to 5000 people. There are options in the bustling center of this modern metropolis or if you prefer something a little more laid back, on the outskirts in peaceful gardens. For more information, contact us for DMC services and MICE hotel bookings.

Bangkok flight connections

MICE Team building in Bangkok Thailand

Bangkok is the best known and most popular team building destination in SE Asia and attracts MICE business from all across the globe. The airport is modern and a regional hub, with great value flights and international carriers connecting the city to everywhere.

Suvarnabhumi (pronounced Su-wan-na-poom) International Airport was opened in 2007 and services more than 20 Million passengers a year. The airport link, the recently completed sky train connection, connects the city to the airport and is a great way to get into the city avoiding the roads and replacing taxis, and only takes about 30 minutes.

Direct flights connect to 140 cities around the world and 15 destinations throughout Thailand including Phuket, Krabi, Chiang Mai and Koh Samui which are some of Thailand's most popular up country MICE and team building locations.

Bangkok Weather

MICE Team building in Bangkok Thailand

The weather in Bangkok is always hot or warm, usually over 30 degrees year-round and is subject to the tropical monsoon, with the rainiest season being from July to September.

The coolest period, between December and February, attracts the highest number of team building and MICE travelers visiting Bangkok. Temperatures around this time can average around 28 degrees C. It does get a little cooler at night, in the day this time is perfect with beautiful blue cloudless skies for months at a time and lower humidity. Only a light clothing is needed at night and T shirts and shorts all day. This season is perfect for out-door team building events in Bangkok.

The hotter season, sometime between March and May, very rarely has rain and temperatures can rise to a 40C/105F. If your meeting and team building event in Bangkok takes place is in a conference room and not outdoor, the hot season is the ideal time to visit Bangkok. You will experience a greater choice of hotels at lower rates and probably shorter queues as well as off-season discounts on air travel.

July to September is the rainy season. Even during this time, rain mostly consists of showers and does not last long, and is often a pleasurable cooling experience.

The rainy season still offers many hot and sunny days where the temperature is usually over 30C/85F and there are also long overcast periods.

The wettest months are often between July and September. Again, this does not mean a great experience cannot be had during this time, with quieter venues and much better prices offering an attraction to MICE delegates.

What to do?

Bangkok is rightly famous around the world for sheer excitement, colour and vibrancy. It is a magnet for a wide range of corporate visitors because of its hugely varied cultural attractions and this modern busy metropolis always offers surprises at every turn. Gleaming skyscrapers, golden temples, fragrant street markets, up to date shopping malls, busy nightlife choices, and an Asian energy that pulls in all who visit this city make this destination an essential place to try.


Even though it is thoroughly modern and growing all the time, the capital of Thailand remains a true cultural, historical and spiritual place - as can be seen in the city's many 'wats' or Buddhist temples. Bangkok is truly a melting pot of culture, people and tradition, with a diversity of food and ethnicity. 'Khrungthep', as the capital is named in Thai, is one of a kind.