Team Building in Ho Chi Min

Ho Chi Min as your team building and MICE destination

MICE Team building on Ho Chi Min Vietnam

An incentive to Ho Chi Minh is a truly rewarding and memorable journey that will have every guest relaying their experiences for years to come.

Ho Chi Minh (Sai Gon) -- a city of entrepreneurs, a city of skyscrapers, a city of clubs and pubs, a city of dreams, of horse races and cricket, a city of suburban trains and a place full of contradictions. some nice beachs near as Mui Ne Beach or Vung Tau Beach.

Saigon is a city with soul, its happy people providing a huge personality and daily life offering a spectacle in itself - a visual charm that is a mix of Europe and Asia, the old ways and the new, but never so new that you feel you could be anywhere. is unmistakably , with its own unique and thrilling identity that is truly inspirational.

Not far from the city you are quickly in to rural living with beautiful country scenes and river life experiences, providing fantastic contrasts for a varied event programme. In the hands of a highly competent DMC, Saigon is the perfect destination for conferences and incentives, with modern high quality venues, facilities and transportation.

MICE Team building on Ho Chi Min Vietnam

Ho Chi Min flight connections

Thanks to its fast growing economy, Ho Chi Minh is well connected to the world by a vast amount of airlines. Operating airlines to Ho Chi Minh city includes big names such as Air France, Japan Airlines, Asiana, Lufthansa, United Airlines, etc.

These airlines serve direct flights to major cities in Asia (Hongkong, Tokyo, Beijing, Seoul and all Southeast Asian capitals), Europe (Frankfurt, Paris, Moscow), Australia (Melbourne, Sydney) and America (San Francisco). The recently renovated international terminal made Tan Son Nhat airport the largest, both in size and capacity, among all airports in Vietnam.

Domestically, there are daily flights from major cities such as Hanoi, Danang and Hue. Others have 3-4 flights per week to Ho Chi Minh City, depending on seasons. There are currently four airlines serving domestic routes: Vietnam Airlines, Jetstar Pacific Airlines, Air Mekong and Vasco Airlines.

From Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City, there are 10 daily flights back and forth operated by Vietnam AIrlines or Jetstar Pacific. One way fare is between $80 and $120, depending on season.

From Danang to Ho Chi Minh City, there are 4 daily flights back and forth. One way fare is between $70 and $90. The trip takes less than half an hour each way.

MICE Hotels

There are many good MICE hotels in Ho Chi Minh City. Caravelle Hotel, Grand Hotel and InterContinental Asiana Saigon are three famous business hotels in Ho Chi Minh City located in the strategic position right in the city center which can be reached within 5 minutes and convenient for participants if you hold a conference at these hotels.

Weather in Ho Chi Min

MICE Team building on Ho Chi Min Vietnam

It can be said that anytime in a year is the best time to visit Ho Chi Minh City. Once called The Pearl of the Orient, Ho Chi Minh City is famous for its pleasant climate.

With a tropical climate of 2 distinctive seasons: dry and wet, it's suggested that you should pay a visit to Ho Chi Minh City during the dry season, starting from December until April. This period of the year is known to be the hottest, with average temperature of 28 °C (82 °F). The peak is 39 °C (102 °F) around noon time in late April, while the lowest may fall below 16 °C (61 °F) in the early mornings of late December. Humidity should also be taken into consideration when you plan to visit the city during this period, as it is quite moderate in December and begins to decrease from January to April.

Although dry season tends to be the popular choice, rainy season still has its advantages, considering that this city is endowed with quite nice a climate. It often has short daily rains that clear quickly, though for the rest of the day it's entirely cool and the sun reappears quite quickly.

What to do?

Places to visit: Many Pagoda and temples with interest markets for seeing or shopping, Mekong Delta River Cruise is a god thing to do , Cuchi Tunels. and relax on beaches.