Team Building with 3M

Team Building with 3M - July 2011.

3M Gives Making Teams Top Marks for Koh Samui Team Building Event

Making Teams customized its well-known Amazing Race Treasure Hunt team building event for 3M. If the feedback from the participants is an accurate gauge, it was a major success that was both fun and useful for all involved.

The three 3M teams had under 4 hours to decipher a set of puzzling clues that would lead them to various cultural and tourist attractions around Koh Samui. There was also a shopping list of items that were to be purchased with a limited budget while visiting the sites.

The teams were also asked to snap group photos following particular themes at each destination. As a bonus challenge, they were asked to produce a video clip depicting “team work.”

Team Building Event on Koh Samui Thailand with 3M Team Building Event on Koh Samui Thailand with 3M Team Building Event on Koh Samui Thailand with 3M

Team Building Feedback

The survey consisted of 23 participants.

Question One:

"Did I enjoy the activity and do I now feel good about it?"

78% (or 18) replied "a lot." Comments included "Very good," and "Very fun."

Question Two:

“Did I learn and/or experience something new and helpful about myself and others?”

91% (or 21) responded “a lot” or “some”.


“The Amazing Race Treasure Hunt was a good activity for team building” that “helped us improve.”

Question Three:

“Will the activity enable helpful change to the way I and/or the team(s) think and behave afterwards?”

82% (or 19) responded “a lot” or “some.”


“Yes of course,” note one participant. “This activity will let us know each other better. A good experience.”