Team Building with BASF at Renaissance Resort and Spa Koh Samui

Full day team building with Treasure Hunt and Indoor Activities with BASF on December 6th, 2010.

Adventure & Indoor Team Building - A half day program for 23 people

BASF is the world's leading chemical company with a global operation comprising various business units. The Computer Aided Engineering unit is engaged in the manufacture of electronic chemicals, and the development and collaboration of the leadership team of the CAE unit is critical to drive the business forward.

BASF approached Making Teams to design a half day program for their Asia Pacific CAE unit. The group consisted of 23 leadership team members including Senior Management, Country Managers, Industry Regional Sales and Marketing Managers, Advanced Materials Product Developers, Human Resource Managers, Financial Managers and Quality Assurance Managers. The team building program was based around the concept of forming a leadership team with a number of sub-teams to reduce competitiveness and increase collaboration. In particular, the following team skills were addressed and improved:

  • Leadership styles
  • Communication
  • Positive thinking
  • Listening skills
  • Trust
  • Empowerment
  • Win Win (reducing competition and Win Loose mentality)

For BASF, Making Teams designed a bespoke Amazing Race event for three teams. BASF requested that all three teams should be on a separate race with different clues, maps and directions. This also meant that the negotiation items for the treasure hunt and the creative clues for the photographic challenge were different for each team.

Altogether this gave a total of 15 locations, many of which were new for this event, and fifteen traditional Thai items to bargain for.

We dealt with this by putting in some ground work and advance planning and researching five new locations and clues with novel questions, and built these into our classic Amazing Race, Then we divided the clues in to three routes and three equal challenges, so that each team had a fair chance of winning.

Our new clues and locations were a great success, and we have since used the same places and questions in subsequent amazing races!

Team Building Event on Koh Samui Thailand with BASF Team Building Event on Koh Samui Thailand with BASF

The show began at 15.00 with a pre brief for the treasure hunt and planning, goal setting and MBTI awareness in conference room. We were using Myers Briggs personality type information from the BASF team to make the teams and analyse the relationships. We also assigned roles to each team member, each with a task to carry out and be responsible for and another team member to observe and comment on later.

After the briefing and the rules, the teams began their preparation. The first teams left at around 15.30 for the amazing race.

The race took about three hours, and most people were back in the resort by 18.30

At 19.30 we debriefed in the restaurant with photographic results and the answers to all the questions. As usual, the pictures were a huge success and created excellent talking points and discussion.

The questions and clues were of course also discussed, and the treasure items bought by the teams were displayed and evaluated.

In the end, the red team was the worthy winner, but all the teams thoroughly enjoyed the event and learnt a lot from our classic team building game.

At 20.00 the teams had dinner, and discussion was still taking place about the day's activities!

Team Building Event on Koh Samui Thailand with BASF

Wouter Taen (Director of Business Management Asia)

"Thanks to Making Teams and all the facilitators who gave us a brilliant event. It was well planned and professionally organised. The amazing race is an excellent idea, as it combines team work and planning with a really fun day and the opportunity to see all the best places on Samui. Thanks for a great day!"