Team Building with Coca Cola

Team Building event with Coca Cola on Koh Samui / Thailand, 25th June 2010.

Adventure Team Building - Four Wheel Drive Treasure Hunt Amazing Race

The Background

Over forty delegates from Coca Cola Thailand traveled to Koh Samui as an incentive for their annual team building event. Making Teams was recommended by Michael, the general manager at Tongsai Bay where the group was accommodated from to 23rd to 26th June 2010.

One of Thailand's most popular team building events, the treasure hunt was redesigned with innovative personalized tasks, as an add-on challenge and learning experience. The group was split into four teams with seven delegates per team and each member of team was assigned to monitor one of their colleges and consequently give feed back at the end of the event.

Feed-back entailed information about how well the person communicated, co-operated and engaged with other team members and thus how well the task was fulfilled.

Team Building Event on Koh Samui Thailand with Coca Cola Team Building Event on Koh Samui Thailand with Coca Cola Team Building Event on Koh Samui Thailand with Coca Cola

Each team had to find eight infamous cultural or touristic sights on Koh Samui with help of a map and cryptic clues. An added-on challenge was taking photographs showing all team members perform according to a theme whereby a high degree of creativity was displayed. To make matters more challenging, each team had a budget of 1000 Baht to purchase ten items along the way. The budget and time was calculated carefully enabling only teams with the finest negotiating and time management skills to purchase all the items within the given time frame.

Team Building Event on Koh Samui Thailand with Coca Cola Team Building Event on Koh Samui Thailand with Coca Cola Team Building Event on Koh Samui Thailand with Coca Cola

Then Making Teams facilitator briefed the team leader and consequently instruction was given to the team members by the team leader. The only equipment the teams were allowed to use were a map of Koh Samui, a set of cryptic instructions as well as a budget of 1000 Baht to negotiate for 10 selected items to buy along the way.

One of the greatest challenge was to carefully plan the route while adhering to a strict time management. Team members that were able work under intense time pressure, yet communicated effectively with their team mates and showed great negotiation skills were most likely to win the game.

The last stop was the scenic rock formation at Grandfather and Grandmother's rock (Hin Ta Hin Yai) where the teams had to trek along a windy trail leading though dense tropical jungle to the picturesque Ta Yai Hut Restaurant, located on a secluded stretch of beach. Cold beer was served upon arrival. The restaurant's BBQ dinner was one of the highlight of the day.

A wide variety of seafood including fresh Rock Lobster, juicy Red Snapper and a wide selection of vegetarian dishes were served by a friendly and professional service team. The delegate's feed-back was phenomenal. Afterwards team members enthusiastically engaged in informal debates and ad-hoc meetings.

After the final debriefing delegates lined up on the beach and beautiful lanterns were lit and raised into the tropical sky. This was a romantic and thoughtful moment and a colorful end to a strenuous but instructive day of team building.

Making Teams is due to host the upcoming team building event for Coca Cola’s HR department in February 2011 on Koh Samui / Thailand.

Team Building Event on Koh Samui Thailand with Coca Cola Team Building Event on Koh Samui Thailand with Coca Cola

The Navigator

Read the map, plan the route and tell the chariot driver where to go! Observe the conjuror!

The Time keeper

Plan how long to spend at each location. Record how long you actually spend there, and how long you spend doing each task (and make sure you are back on time to get the bonus points). Observe the Protector of the sack o' gold!

The Protector of the sack o' gold

Lead the negotiations and look after the money! Record how much is spent. Observe the joiner!

The Conjuror

Create the magic by directing the photograph challenges. Observe the riddle solver!

The Guardian of the all-seeing eye

Take care of the camera, and use it wisely, for the camera never lies! Take the photos or find someone who will. (Ensure that there is only one (the best) picture for each photo task to be uploaded to the computer provided in the hotel.) Observe the navigator!

The Joiner

Keep the team together! Solve disputes amicably, and manage your motley crew! Observe the guardian of the all-seeing eye!

The Riddle solver and Chief scribe

Solve the fiendish puzzles with the help of your mateys and faithfully record their answers! (Return the answer sheet at the end of the event to one of the facilitators). Observe the timekeeper!

  Team Pink
(Group 1)
Team Red Team Yellow Team Orange
Quiz 24 13 17 17
Photo Challenge 0 6 6 12
Negotiation 28 21 27 25
Bonus points 10      
Final score 62 40 50 54