Team Building with CTS Electronic Components, Singapore

Team Building event with CTS on Koh Samui / Thailand, 4th July 2011.

Adventure and Indoor Team Building - Four Wheel Drive Treasure Hunt and Thai Cooking Competition

The Background

Making Teams designed a full, action-packed day of team building for the sales management group at CTS Electronic Components, Singapore, which traveled to picturesque Koh Samui for week of meetings and activities.

“Amazing” Treasure Hunt

The day began with the Making Teams’ signature treasure hunt which included a photographic challenge based on the Amazing Race format.

Each of the three teams was briefed in depth by Making Teams facilitators at the Renaissance Resort. During the important planning stages, negotiation and leadership skills were put to the test. The only equipment that could be used for this team building exercise was a map of Koh Samui, a set of clues and cryptic descriptions of sights to locate. Teams were also assigned a photo-taking task for each destination. This exciting competition took the teams, in four-wheel drive trucks, all over beautiful Koh Samui to some of the islands most interesting attractions: Buddhist monuments, a buffalo fighting ring, and a scenic waterfall, among others.

Reaching the finish line at the Giant Valley Panoramic Restaurant required cooperation and good communication. The eatery is located on one Koh Samui’s highest points, offering spectacular views of the Gulf of Thailand and the surrounding hills. A buffet of authentic local food was served for lunch.

Feed-back entailed information about how well the person communicated, co-operated and engaged with other team members and thus how well the task was fulfilled.

Regrouping and New Competitions

Later, back at Renaissance, the CTS teams then presented their photos and collected “treasures” from their morning team building excursion. After the judging by the facilitators, team members collaborated on floral arrangements, emphasizing creative thinking. The day continued with instructions from the hotel’s professional staff on table setting, napkin folding and Thai cooking.

It was all to prepare the group for the big team building competition that would culminate in an elegant dinner on the beach. But first, teams would design table settings, complete with novelty napkin folds, as well as prepare several Thai delights, as instructed by the head chef at Renaissance. 

A Big Finale

The pressure was on as dinner was cooked in a flurry by some of the participants, as others focused on organizing and laying out the tables. Cooperation would be essential. The facilitators stood by, waiting to judge the final results.

As the sun set and beach torches were lit, the CTS teams converged for the end of the day of team building festivities. Dinner was shared, stories were swapped, and laughter filled the night air. An active, interesting and entertaining day that afforded the CTS crew new levels of improved communication and understanding.