Team Building with Exxon Mobil

Making Teams were honoured to be chosen by Exxon Mobil in November 2009, to host a team building event in conjunction with Bophut Resort and Spa on Koh Samui.

Full day treasure hunt with photographic competition and negotiation sales race

The Plan
Exxon wanted to have a complete activity with prizes and team debriefing, so we gave them the full package. The treasure hunt is a great way to see the island of Samui if you have never been here before. We combined it with our cryptic photo shoot clues, which means that at every location the teams must set up a scene in the style of the location - often to hilarious results! In addition, the teams were challenged to find ten items for under 1,000 baht, and bargain successfully with the locals. This was going to be a competitive day!

Team Building with Exxon Mobil

The Race
The group travelled round Koh Samui and visited the standard famous landmarks on our celebrated treasure hunt:

Team Building with Exxon Mobil Team Building with Exxon Mobil Team Building with Exxon Mobil

The Items
The teams looked for and bargained for items including a hand painting of Lord Buddha, Samui batik, a silk sarong and a royal yellow shirt.

Team Building with Exxon Mobil Team Building with Exxon Mobil

Photo Debriefing
Back in the conference room, the teams showed their pictures to each other on an LCD projector. The winning picture in each case was judged by all... although sometimes the official Making Teams judges had to step in!

By a narrow margin, the red team won the day, mostly due to their great photographs. The real winners were of course Exxon Mobil as a whole, who had a great team building event on Samui and a great time.