Team Building with Pfizer

Four Wheel Drive Treasure Hunt & Negotiation Sales Race, Koh Samui, Thailand on 9th December 2009

The Pfizer Group were one of the most competitive and successful groups to ever participate in the Koh Samui Treasure Hunt combined with a sales race. 16 participants split into 2 teams, both groups succeeded in locating all the destinations in the given time and both nearly purchased all the items on their sales race lists with a budget of 1000 Baht.

The Pre-briefing took place in the luxurious Anantara Resort in their beach side restaurant consisting of a beautiful sea view on a sunny afternoon. After a tempting lunch the team building participants were briefed on the challenge that lay ahead. From the start it was obvious the competition would be thick. Clues were quickly deciphered with strategies and courses planned. The teams were ready to begin their journeys.

Team Building with Pfizer Team Building with Pfizer

Ready, Set, Race!
Each team was now ready for the treasure hunt and eager to show their colleagues up and win the team building challenge. Starting from Bo Phut beach at the Anantara Resort, each team set out on their own course through Koh Samui. During the treasure hunt, teams visited some of Koh Samui's most beautiful and well known destinations; Big Buddha, The Mummified Monk, a Buffalo Fighting Stadium, The Secret Buddha Garden, Buddha's Footprint, Namuang Waterfall, Wat Plai Laem and Koh Samui's most famous grandmother and grandfather rocks (which are interestingly shaped rock formations to say the least).

Each of these locations held an answer to one of the riddles and each answer was worth a certain amount of points. During the race teams had the extra challenge of purchasing 10 items which also added to their points whilst within a budget of 1000 Baht. Items included a hand carved soap, a hand painting of Buddha, a Thai silk garment, 5 young coconuts and more. These items were purchased at local Thai shops set up for tourists around the locations mentioned above. Including the sales race allowed the team building participants to interact more closely with the local Thais as well as incorporating their negotiation and communication skills.

Team Building with Pfizer Team Building with Pfizer Team Building with Pfizer Team Building with Pfizer

It Came Down to the Wire
Being so competitive it was sure to be a close finish. Teams tried all sorts of tactics to gain the edge over the other competitor. At one point when the teams were both at The Secret Buddha's Garden blue team nearly managed to run off with red team's map and riddle answers. Luckily red team members realized before the blue team drove off and managed to recapture their map. Of course, it was all in fun and both teams had a good laugh. Once both teams had answered the riddles and purchased their sales race booty items it was back to Anantara. Such was the timing on both sides that, arriving from opposite directions, both drove into the Anantara entrance one after the other with less then 5 minutes to spare. What a finish!

Team Building with Pfizer Team Building with Pfizer

After the race the Pfizer MICE group had a short rest before next competing in Anantara's famous cooking competition. While everyone was enjoying the Tom Yum Koong (Prawn soup with Thai spices) they'd just cooked themselves points were announced and prizes awarded. By a mere 2 points blue team was awarded victory. Well done to all for such an exciting and close race!

From all reports the treasure hunt and negotiation sales race was a great success and enjoyed by all. The team building participants saw the thrills and beauty of Koh Samui in a unique, fun and exciting fashion. Making Teams would like to especially thank everyone involved: Diethelm, Anantara and the MICE management team, Velaris and especially the individual participants for such an entertaining event.