Team Building with Socomec

Team Building with Socomec - December 2011

Socomec comes to Koh Samui for a Cultural Treasure Hunt

In December, Making Teams handled a group of top executives from the Socomec Company based in Singapore. The group chose to arrange two team building activities during their stay in Samui, the Cultural Treasure Hunt and Samui Football Golf.

Both events were designed to strengthen relationships between the group of International Executives from many different parts of the Globe.

The Cultural Treasure Hunt started with a hunt within the grounds of the hosts’ hotel,  clues were strategically placed and the teams had to find the clues and answer the questions in regards to Socomec, testing their combined company knowledge.

Once this challenge had been completed, it was on to the Cultural Treasure Hunt itself; the teams had little more than 3 hours to try to complete the clues, photo challenges and bartering before returning to the hotel. Although the weather wasn’t at its best the teams attitude of ‘having a good time’ more than made up for this.

Upon returning to the hotel, the de-brief was held and the most popular part was the photographic competition, with the best picture, being of a top level executive, letting loose at Hin Ta-Hin Yai!

The second event took a more ‘national flavor’, combining two sports into one to play 18 holes of Football Golf. The group was divided into 7 teams and most were with colleagues from their own country or region including Singapore, Thailand, France among the nations represented.

Again the focus was on teamwork, strengthening bonds and being competitive, whilst navigating the challenging course of 18 holes. Rounds were scored per team, taking an average of each competitor however by the end; everyone had completed the challenge with broad smiles and laughter becoming a winner!