CSR Recycling Activities

The Recycling Project is both a creative teambuilding exercise and a way to express social responsibility by using the 3R’s of CSR; reduce, re-use and recycle. Teams construct waste separation bins and collect, separate and recycle waste at a local community like a school, hotel or orphanage.

The client can choose from a number of beneficiaries with the need to improve waste management and recycling. The tasks are completed in groups with the assistance of the people in the community. After a hard day’s work the group comes together to celebrate the achievement.
In collaboration with you, your event goals and company values will be paramount to the event.

Format of CSR Activities

The focus of this activity is in bringing awareness to a local community and educating people on the importance of recycling, waste management, trash disposal and the need to reduce single use items and the volume of items we throw away.

For example, by putting up signs and notices on the importance of reducing the use of single use plastics in different languages in tourist areas or local communities, can play a big part in changing behavior.

Benefits of CSR Activities

As the world becomes more connected, skills and experiences such as these will become more crucial to effective teams and successful businesses.

Why choose CSR Activities

Many companies view CSR as an integral to their brand image, in the belief that customers are likely to do business with brands that they perceive to be more ethical. In this way, CSR activities can be a substantial component of corporate public relations. Not to mention that these activities allow your team to explore a new culture and engage with a diverse group of locals.

We also offer alternative CSR activities such as:

CSR Mangrove Planting: This project encourages participants to work with a local municipality to replant the mangrove forests so they may flourish again – an excellent way to learn new skills in a new environment.

CSR School Teaching: The school teaching project is the opportunity for participants to share their knowledge and enthusiasm with students at a local school. Participants will conduct lessons and carry out activities with the students.

Where to enjoy CSR Activities

Ideal locations for CSR Activities are: