Team Building Bangkok

Bangkok is the perfect destination when it comes to team building activities. Whether you’re looking for competitive or a more ‘laid back’ experience, our team building activities are tailored to suit your needs. Whether it’s in the office or just for fun, we’ll bring together your workers for a unique experience that will benefit your company.

As a major travel hub, the city welcomes more visitors than any other city in the world and you soon see why. A city of contrasts with something to see at every turn. Be awestruck by the gleaming temples, hop in a tuk tuk and whiz through bustling Chinatown or visit the floating markets in a longtail boat. Food is another Bangkok highlight, from local dishes at humble street stalls to haute cuisine at World class rooftop restaurants.
Luxury malls compete with a sea of boutiques and markets, where you can treat yourself without overspending. Extravagant luxury hotels and surprisingly cheap serviced apartments welcome you with the same famed Thai hospitality. And no visit to Bangkok would be complete without a glimpse of its famous nightlife. Be it nightclubs, cabarets or exotic red-light districts, Bangkok never ceases to amaze.

Suggested team building activities in Bangkok:

Amazing Race Bangkok

As this is a city based activity, the Amazing Race Bangkok offers a wide variety of locations and themes, matched only by the numerous forms of transport available.
The highly active and experiential nature of the Amazing Race will develop your team’s ability to perform quickly and efficiently under pressure whilst engaging them in an action packed race to the finish. Bring your team together and work together as a cohesive unit for a better company culture.

Groups must follow instructions to get to each destination, where they will find clues. Along the way, they will face many challenges, all of which reflect the local flavour of the location.

In a city the size of Bangkok and with such a rich history and culture, the challenges can be very diverse!

Imagine trying to locate and buy a unique item in one of Bangkok’s many street markets. Other cultural activities might be:

All teams follow the same route and complete the same challenges – the team that can work best together and solve problems fastest will be the winners!

Jungle Adventure Bangkok

Jungle Adventure Bangkok, takes place at the beautiful Khao Yai National Park, located about 90 minutes away by car. The park covers more than 2,000 square kilometers of forest and grassland in central Thailand. More than 50 km of hiking and biking trails wind through the long-standing nature preserve giving your teams a wonderful canvas to work with.

Your team will be encouraged to embrace their inner adventurer and take risks, using various means of transportation such as hiking, mountain biking, and flying through the jungle on canopy lines. They must show courage and innovation to find the hidden locations.

Each group gets a set of maps, a compass, and instructions to begin their journey. Challenges will come at them quickly, some quick-paced to test their mental and physical agility, others longer to test their endurance and stamina.

The teams race against the clock to see which is the winning group of jungle adventurers – an adventure sure to inspire some playful competition and innovative risk-taking back in the workplace!

This team-building activity will develop many skills for your team:

If you want your team to be more adventurous and creative while also calm under pressure, this is a brilliant team-building activity!

CSR Recycling Activities Bangkok

One of the main problems of the modern world is sustainability, and Bangkok offers many CSR recycling projects for you and your team to help out including: working with schools, renovation projects and helping at orphanages.

We will work with you to make your time together meaningful and productive and help your team to develop their collaboration and communication skills and showcase your company’s values and ethos. As the world becomes more connected, skills and experiences such as these will become more crucial to effective teams and successful businesses.

One of our destinations is the delightful Rose Garden, which has an organic farm and a self-contained site with many different cultural activities to do. These include a local market, arts and crafts centre, Thai painting classes and Thai culinary courses.

These activities can have a profound impact on your team, allowing them to develop skills such as:

What to do in Bangkok

The Grand Palace continues to impress visitors with its beautiful architecture and intricate detail. Wat Pra Kaew enshrines Phra Kaew Morakot (the Emerald Buddha), a sacred Buddha image meticulously carved from a single block of emerald. Of equal significance is Wat Pho with its gigantic reclining Buddha and fascinating collection of murals, inscriptions and sculptures that delve into various subjects, from warfare to astronomy to archaeology.
For a more vibrant experience, try Bangkok’s Chinatown, a colourful, exotic and pleasingly chaotic area, packed with market stalls and probably the highest concentration of gold shops in the city. If you prefer shopping malls to markets, Bangkok is home to some of the largest in S.E.Asia.

One such area is The Riverfront, a successful combination of 2 of Bangkok’s most popular shopping experiences: a night bazaar and a mall. You can find it 10 minutes downriver from the Saphan Taksin BTS Skytrain Station. Once a bustling international trade port, it has been transformed with over 1,500 boutiques and 40 restaurants housed inside a huge replica warehouse complex.

Benefits of Bangkok team building

Let our team of experts help you build a stronger and more cohesive workplace by offering a variety of team building activities in Bangkok, Thailand. You can choose between jungle or historical and cultural activities, all focused on creating positive experiences while teaching your team members valuable skills that they can use back at the office.

There’s also a wide range of hotels in close proximity to all our activities.

Our fun, educational and interactive team building activities will enable your staff to: