Sailing Destinations

Navigating through the crystal-clear waters of the Gulf of Thailand, teams must learn to work together as a high-performance unit in one of the most challenging team sports.

Catching the winds of the sea in a battle with natural forces and against other teams, they may compete in a series of sailing related tasks at sea, spend a day or night on an island for Survivor style challenges, or simply hone their sailing skills moving leisurely from island to island.

We design all our activities to promote maximum participation and tailor them to be suitable for all fitness levels and personality types, and to bring out their time management and planning skills in the most engaging way.

In collaboration with you, your event goals and company values will be paramount to the event.

Format of Sailing Destinations

Teams will learn to work together to successfully sail a boat, developing their communication and collaboration skills, not to mention their ability to work under pressure! There is a range of activities your team can do:

Each team is instructed by a professional, and every member is assigned an individual role so the team can function effectively.

Teams are given maps and given a route to follow, allowing them to take the initiative and explore and discover new places. Points are awarded for a range of achievements, including:

Benefits of Sailing Destinations

Sailing Destinations is the ideal team-building exercise to hone your team’s ability to marry individual responsibility with a commitment to the team.

Participants must show initiative and a willingness to take risks. They must also take responsibility for their actions while considering the objectives of the team.

Why choose Sailing Destinations?

If you want a team-building exercise that will develop the individual as well as the team member while honing their ability to work effectively under pressure and handle adversity, this is for you!

The key outcomes of the activity are to:

Where to enjoy Sailing Destinations

Ideal locations for Sailing Destinations are: