Team Building Koh Samui

The third largest Island in Thailand, Koh Samui is part of an archipelago of more than 80 islands and includes the Ang Thong National Marine Park. Samui can be circum-navigated in a couple of hours by car or motorbike, but contains such a variety of beaches, activities and cultural sites that it would prove impossible to experience all it has to offer in a single visit.

Among the many beautiful beaches here are the famous ones in Chaweng , Lamai, Taling Ngam and Natien but it is still possible to find one of the many secluded beaches all around the island.
Inland, Samui is home to jungles, National Parks, and many places of historical and cultural interest. Because of the location-rich nature of Samui, it offers incredible variety for your team-building event. Whether island-hopping, jungle-exploring, treasure seeking, or helping in the local communities, Samui is sure to have something to suit your business needs and get your team engaged, working together and finally relaxed.

With a mix of fabulous restaurants and bars, traditional markets, and ample shopping outlets from local crafts to designer labels, make Samui your teambuilding destination for an unforgettable experience.

Suggested team building activities in Samui:

Amazing Race Samui

Samui is the perfect place for an activity like the Amazing Race, with its stunning beaches all around the island, the unspoiled islands that surround it, and the jungles inland. This activity will get your team to work together and explore new and exotic locations. They must throw themselves into new experiences and leave their comfort zones!

Groups of about ten must follow route instructions to find their destinations and the directions for the Amazing Race around the island of Samui. Each destination reveals a new culturally relevant challenge, which each team must work together to solve to reveal the next location.

Jungle Adventure Samui

Jungle canopies, dirt tracks and streams are where this activity takes place. Teams have to orienteer using mountain bikes, canopy lines and under their own steam, all the while testing their courage and commitment to seek adventure and to find the hidden locations around Samui.

The adventure begins in a camp site hidden in the steamy jungle. Each group is given sets of maps, a compass and instructions. The instructions lead the group through the jungle, from waterfall to waterfall, over mountains and sometimes even across the sea to places where either information or clues can be found. The answers found often help the group to find the other locations and complete their quest. Teams race against each other and the clock to finish the route and arrive first back at the campsite.

This team-building activity will develop many skills for your team:

If you want to immerse your team in a unique activity that will force them to embrace their inner adventure and take more risks, then look no further than Jungle Adventure Samui.

Other Events

And the island is well-suited to similar activities, such as the Pirates of Andaman, Treasure Islands and the Treasure Hunt, each of which will challenge your team’s skills and abilities.

The Treasure Islands activity uses the brilliant islands of the area, and your team can work together to travel by yacht, speedboat, long-tail boat or catamaran to reach the island locations.

The National park on Samui is perfect for the Jungle activities if your group has a day or two. Your team can spend the night there before beginning the Jungle Adventure or the Beach Activities.

There can be many themes for the activities on Samui – Beach Team-Building, Tropical Team-Building and Cultural Discovery, for example.

There is much culture to discover on such a small island. The Cultural Challenges and Cultural Discovery activities offer the opportunity for your team to work together to explore the history and culture of the island.

What to do in Samui

With a mix of fabulous restaurants and bars, traditional markets, and ample shopping outlets from local crafts to designer labels, make Samui your teambuilding destination for an unforgettable experience.

Benefits of Samui team building

Samui is a small island ideally suited for small teams looking to develop a stronger connection for future growth. Your employees will be encouraged to: