Treasure Islands

The Treasure Islands team-building activity involves travelling by yacht, speedboat, long-tail boat or catamaran to reach the island locations. From there your employees will have to collaborate and communicate to achieve a common objective by decoding messages, finding clues and solving problems to locate the resting place of the hidden treasure.

Imagine your team sailing out and visiting a range of beautiful islands, each with clues to find and challenges to overcome. Every member must use their analytical and critical-thinking skills to decode maps, gather local information and even use the sun to locate the islands that hold the clues and answers!

We design all our activities to promote maximum participation and tailor them to be suitable for all
fitness levels and personality types, and to bring out their time management and planning skills
in the most engaging way.

In collaboration with you, your event goals and company values will be paramount to the event.

Format of Treasure Islands

Exploring the seas and oceans, finding the locations and the pieces of a secret map that lead to the hidden treasure is the task ahead for our island treasure seekers whilst perfecting their navigational skills and practicing seamanship along the route from island to island to receive their ultimate reward. Find the islands, the locations and the answers and complete the challenges to collect what is duly yours.

Your teams must work together to:

Benefits of Treasure Islands

This activity is sure to fire up your employees and encourage them to be creative whilst working
together and have a lot of fun, blowing off steam and trying new experiences.

This activity can also improve your business by helping your team to:

Why choose Treasure Islands?

The games in this activity are designed to test cooperation, planning and leadership, but they also test mental and physical endurance.

Where to enjoy Treasure Islands

Ideal locations for Treasure Islands are: