Team Building Hua Hin

Hua Hin is one of the top tourist destinations of Thailand from its great amount of attractions and activities – plus it isn’t far from Bangkok, taking about 2 hours by road. The city has many incredible beaches, mountains, viewpoints, temples, night markets, water parks, and fine diners for you to choose from and enjoy at any time of the year.

Hua Hin features a beautiful, powdery sand beach, numerous seaside Seafood restaurants, a lively night market, numerous beach activities, and some great inland activities, not least of which is golfing at some of Thailand’s most renowned courses. Just down the coast at Takiab Bay, visitors can take seaside horseback rides and visit a hilltop Buddhist temple with a spectacular view. Accommodation along the beach and on the streets leading away from the sea ranges from simple guesthouses to luxury resorts and includes some of the finest spa-retreats in the world. Hua Hin is accessible via train, bus, or car and the seaside community of 60,000 residents is a fine example of warm and welcoming Thai hospitality.
Pala-U waterfall, which is located in Kaeng Krachan national park, is also a great butterfly watching spot.

Suggested Team Building activities in Hua Hin

Breakout Escape Hua Hin

Your teams are instructed that they have been taken against their will and locked away in a secret room. The only way to escape the room is to follow the trail of clues leading to a series of fiendish challenges. On successful completion of each challenge teams receive a piece of the puzzle which eventually will reveal the final location to the way out.

The location of the activity can be in your hotel or on one of the many beautiful and quiet beaches Hua Hin offers. The beaches are situated just out of town and therefore provide the opportunity for a full-day experience.

Not only will this activity develop the relationships within your team and create a stronger team ethic which will translate directly back into the business world, but it will also develop:

Amazing Race Hua Hin

A race by minivans or public transport from challenge to challenge based on the famous TV-show ‘The Amazing Race’. In this highly active and experiential program, teams are tasked to find locations and complete local cultural challenges such as boxing, dancing and cooking a local dish to name just a few.

As Hua Hin is usually full of people taking a break from Bangkok at weekends, the city presents a thriving environment for your race, from markets to temples, beaches to malls, all reached by various forms of transport such as tuk tuks, taxis, minivans, motorcycles, and by foot.

Teams must solve riddles and decode clues to discover every destination on the route. Each destination reveals a new challenge relating to the island’s history and culture, which each team must work together to solve for the following location. There are two types of challenges:

  •    Cultural Riddles: Questions offered at culturally unique locations related to the surroundings.
  •   Cultural Activities: Local cultural experiences instructed by professionals in the field.

Although small, Hua Hin is rich in history and culture, so there is an incredible range of activities. It is even a favourite vacation spot of the Thai royal family.

What to do in Hua Hin

Maruekhathaiyawan Palace known as the palace of love and hope, This palace is a must-see spot in Hua Hin. Go for the architecture, history, gardens, tranquility. There are many reasons to visit this beautiful palace. The palace itself is one of the longest teak buildings in the world. It was designed by the king who brought in an Italian architect to complete the designs.

Vana Nava Water Jungle, Asia’s first water jungle is located in Hua Hin. As the first ecologically aware community water park in the region, Vana Nava Water Jungle has tropical jungle, with over 200,000 plants and trees delivered from across Thailand in its 20 rai (3.2 hectares) property. Combining state-of-the-art technology and modern facilities with 20 attractions comprising of signature rides, exciting slides, as well as Thailand’s first professional underwater studio