Team Building Krabi

Krabi, on southern Thailand’s west coast, is famous for its scenic views and breathtaking beaches and islands. Its coral reef vistas are also one of the world’s most beautiful, which make the city a great spot for coral diving.

With attractions including hot springs, a wildlife sanctuary, sea caves, flourishing coral reefs and exotic marine life, limestone cliffs that draw rock climbing enthusiasts from around the world, and national parks that include the island paradises of Koh Phi Phi and Koh Lanta, Krabi is the perfect place for your team to reconnect working together to achieve goals and bolster their participation in their work life for you and your company.
Bangkok offers connection flights to Krabi from many international locations. There are also direct flights from Singapore, so Krabi is easy to reach despite its remoteness.

If you are looking for a remote location where you and your team can connect more deeply and develop skills beneficial for your business, then Krabi is the place for you!

Suggested Team Building activities in Krabi

Treasure Islands

The Treasure Islands team-building activity involves travelling by yacht, speedboat, long-tail boat or catamaran to reach the island locations. From there your employees will have to collaborate and communicate to achieve a common objective by decoding messages, finding clues and solving problems to locate the resting place of the hidden treasure.

Imagine your team sailing out and visiting a range of beautiful islands, each with clues to find and challenges to overcome. Every member must use their analytical and critical-thinking skills to decode maps, gather local information and even use the sun to locate the islands that hold the clues and answers!

Your teams must work together to:

The games in this activity are designed to test cooperation, planning and leadership, but they also test mental and physical endurance.

Survivor Islands

High power teams looking for a little more action will appreciate this unique and challenging event. Daring explorers could travel to a nearby isolated beach or island or face survivor at the hotel. There they will make their team camp and face a series of challenges to survive together, including finding and making food, locating the equipment they need with a series of games and puzzles and working together under adverse conditions in an amazing tropical hideaway.

Some of the other objectives of this activity are:

The Survivor Islands activity is based on the TV show ‘Survivor’ with the themes and icons of the show. The group will be split up into teams of approximately 10 members who will strive together to become the winning team. The full day consists of 6-8 games and the teams will get their own flag, banners, torches, T-shirts and instructions for the games through tree mail.

What to do in Krabi

Ko Phi Phi is an archipelago that used to be listed as one of the world’s top ten most beautiful Islands. It comprises two large islands: Ko Phi Phi Don and Ko Phi Le.
Ko Phi Phi Don is a big island consisting of ports, accommodation, and restaurants as well as numerous stunning beaches such as Ao Thon Sai and Ao Lo Dalam. Ko Phi Phi Le located to the south of Phi Phi Don, is surrounded by limestone mountains and sheer cliffs standing vertically to the sea In Krabi itself, Namphu Ron Khem Khlong Thom is the only salted hot spring in Thailand. There are 14 natural hot springs emerging from under the ground widespread in the area that is rich with many minerals, which benefit the blood circulation system of the body. It is ideal for people who love mineral bathing.