Jungle Adventure

Jungle canopies, dirt tracks and streams are where this activity takes place. Teams have to orienteer using mountain bikes, canopy lines and under their own steam, all the while testing their courage and commitment to seek adventure and to find the hidden locations.

If you want to immerse your team in a unique activity that will force them to embrace their inner adventure and take more risks, then look no further.

We design all our activities to promote maximum participation and tailor them to be suitable for all
fitness levels and personality types, and to bring out their time management and planning skills
in the most engaging way.

In collaboration with you, your event goals and company values will be paramount to the event.

Format of Jungle Adventure

The adventure begins in a camp site hidden in the steamy jungle. Each group is given sets of maps, a compass and instructions. The instructions lead the group through the jungle, from waterfall to waterfall, over mountains and sometimes even across the sea to places where either information or clues can be found. The answers found often help the group to find the other locations and complete their quest. Teams race against each other and the clock to finish the route and arrive first back at the campsite.

Benefits of Jungle Adventure

This activity is a perfect way to explore the ways teams work together under challenging conditions while having fun exploring a new, diverse environment.

This activity can also improve your business by helping your team to:

Why choose Jungle Adventure?

The games in this activity are designed to test cooperation, planning and leadership, but they also test mental and physical endurance.

Where to enjoy Jungle Adventure

Ideal locations for Treasure Islands are: