Cultural Discovery

Cultural Discovery is a race around a local area with a number of famous, or infamous, cultural landmarks and curious places to find and discover, each one identified and pinpointed on the map by solving a mysterious and fiendish puzzle. As they explore, teams will get the chance to locate and visit the most exciting, beautiful and interesting locations around the area. They can earn points and win the game by exploring these cultural hotspots and providing the right answer to questions and completing cultural challenges.

The Cultural Discovery locations often change depending on the duration of the event, but often include temples, waterfalls and sites of local myth and legend.
The locations for the event are pre-selected, however teams must design their own route.

We design all our races to promote maximum participation and tailor them to be suitable for all fitness levels and personality types, and to bring out their time management and planning skills in the most engaging way.

In collaboration with you, your event goals and company values will be paramount to the event.

Format of Cultural Discovery

In the Cultural Discovery, teams travel by public transport or minivan with driver and are provided with a map of the area and an instruction sheet with a series of cryptic location clues, questions (Local Cultural Riddles) and challenges (Cultural Activity Challenges). Teams must solve the clues to find the locations, answer the questions and complete the challenges in order to collect points. Scoring is reviewed during the event de-brief and the team with the most points is awarded with a prize.

There are two types of challenges; ‘Cultural Riddles’ and ‘Cultural Activities’.

Cultural Riddles: These are questions offered at culturally interesting locations, they are related to the location and must be answered in order to receive points.

Cultural Activities: These are local cultural experiences related to the culture, are instructed by professionals in the field and must be completed in order to receive points. Example challenges are boxing and dancing.

The clues point to the locations on the map for teams to visit and the questions and challenges must be completed at the location. All teams are provided with the same clues, questions and challenges but they must solve them themselves.

Benefits of Cultural Discovery

Cultural Discovery will fully engage your teams in a fun, exciting experience that will bolster:

Why choose Cultural Discovery?

This activity presents an opportunity for your teams to experience a different culture by means of a race combining historical and cultural locations together with live challenges with local people. What could be more fun?

Where to enjoy Cultural Discovery

Ideal locations for Cultural Discovery are: