Outdoor with fun

Casual and informal teams will experience physically simple but mentally stimulating activities which can be played on the beach, in the garden or in the conference room. Participants will learn about each other, take turns leading their teams and strengthen their mental, creative and strategic skills in these lively, fun and hugely enjoyable team exercises.

We design all our activities to promote maximum participation and tailor them to be suitable for all fitness levels and personality types, and to bring out their time management and planning skills in the most engaging way.

In collaboration with you, your event goals and company values will be paramount to the event.

Format of Outdoor with fun

Outdoor With Fun games are conducted in a team versus team format in which team rotate through the various games which are usually competitive sometime cooperative, some physical others more mentally challenging but each activity requires full participation of everyone in the team. The event starts with a couple of ice-breakers.

Teams go through a number of games and collect points for their performance in each game with the highest score awarded to the best team. After the last game the scores are added up by the lead facilitator during the event de-brief and the team with the most points is announced and awarded with a prize.

Benefits of Outdoor with fun

These activities build the fundamentals of a successful team: trust, mutual respect and awareness. Games can be tailor-made to focus on specific learning objectives, company goals or a meeting theme. We work strongly on developing leadership personalities and interpersonal skills such as co-operation, communication, planning, leadership, strategy skills, win-win negotiation and positive thinking.

Why choose Outdoor with fun?

If you want a team-building exercise that will develop the individual as well as the team member but without being seriously competitive, then this is the activity for you.

The key outcomes of the activity are to:

Where to enjoy Outdoor with fun

The location for the event is usually at the client’s hotel or nearby beach within walking distance of the hotel. Ideal locations for Outdoor with Fun are: